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Verbal & Emotional Abuse

Verbal & Emotional Abuse
How to Get Victory Over Verbal or Emotional Abuse

Abuse − whether through hurtful words, degrading looks, obscene gesture, or threatening behavior − inflicts immense pain and impedes emotional growth.

You didn't think anyone could hurt you like this, but now that you're in or have experienced an abusive relationship, what do you do?

We have all been wounded by hurtful words and actions of others − whether the bully at school, the demeaning boss, a rage−filled driver, or someone in our own family. We often carry those wounds with us for a lifetime.

June Hunt has a message for you: it is possible to stop the pain of abuse.

Learn biblical truths and practical advice on how to:

Stop the abuse
Heal the pain of the past
Foster peace in all your relationships

June Hunt starts this mini−book with a definitions section where she explains each word associated with verbal or emotional abuse.

Forms of emotional abuse
Warning signs of verbal or emotional abuse
How to identify sabotage and manipulation

Learn all forms of abuse and what to pay attention to when a relationship gives off warning signs. Also included in the definitions section are biblical examples of verbal and emotional abuse.

This mini−book will shed light on the characteristics of verbal and emotional abuse, words used in abusive conversations, methods of sabotage, and examples of what the victims may experience when dealing with an abusive relationship. Discover the causes of a person who abuses others and answer hard questions like, "How can he be so cruel?" and "How can se be so insensitive?"

The last section titled "Steps to Solution" gives you practical advice on how to put an end to verbal and emotional abuse with:

7 steps to victory over verbal abuse
6 steps to an action plan
8 steps for how to confront and cope with emotionally abusive people
Honesty test for those who may be abusive
5 steps to building personal boundaries
And much more.
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