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The Fasting Key

The Fasting Key
When the author began to study the subject of fasting some years ago he was shocked by the number of biblical references he found referring to it. Clearly fasting was not some biblical "side issue", but a central element of spiritual life. Fasting is a discipline that has been practised by many influential men and women of God throughout church history with dramatic results. The author says, "Fasting has become an essential part of my walk with the Lord. It continues to amaze me that I lived for so long without this key that unlocks so many blessings." Using the metaphor of a key, this book discusses how Fasting will unlock the blessings of God.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Rozzy
    I have always known it was a Biblical principle to fast and not if but when, yet I had never quite got there so to speak! I have read other books on fasting but none have inspired me as this one to fast and pray! Written in plain English, I found I devoured the book just could not put it down and am ready for a second read and put the Biblical principle into action.
  • Author: Jon
    The best book on fasting I have read. It's short, lively, very readable, and yet profound. Mark Nysewander attacks many misconceptions and pitfalls connected to fasting, and gives a deeply biblical perspective on the theology and practice. I was inspired and deeply helped by it!
  • Author: Les
    The Fasting Key is written in a way that is clear, basic, and easy to read.
    The book itself and the chapters are short and focused.
    Mark uses personal and biographical illustrations which are both interesting and inspiring.
    It motivated me to apply the truths taught. I highly recommend it!
  • Author: Shelley
    This book has completely changed my perspective of fasting. Mark clearly lays out the Biblical emphasis for fasting and the testimonies given in the book will make you want to jump on board immediately. Our youth leaders have recently read the book and are now dedicating Mondays to prayer and fasting for our church and youth ministry department. This is a must read for everyone!

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