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The Anatomy of a Miracle

The Anatomy of a Miracle
Miracles are not for the deserving, but for the believing! Deep within every person is a longing for the miraculous. When we slow down enough to listen to the intuitive voice that speaks from within, we know miracles should be experienced with the greatest of ease. Yet, the hope for the miraculous is clouded by the many voices that make miracles seem difficult or even unattainable. The promise of miracles has been so complicated by religious legalism, mystical ritualism and perfectionist idealism that they have been pushed beyond the horizon of hope. But today, in The Anatomy of a Miracle, hope will return. Regardless of your personal beliefs, you will be able to connect with the immutable laws of the miraculous. This book is not religious, yet it honors thousands of years of religious teaching. It is not scientific, yet it uses modern scientific discovery to explain the concepts of the miraculous in words that make sense to the twenty-first century mind. It is the perfect marriage of science and faith. In The Anatomy of a Miracle Dr. James Richards explains in understandable terms exactly how to experience your miracle. Using the language of quantum physics and truths from ancient times, really the two do go together, he describes step by step the process through which you can live the life you've always desired. Miracles are part of the fabric of humanity! Once you discover these immutable laws, living in the miraculous will be as natural as breathing!
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