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Understand the psychology of gaslighting and learn to deal with manipulation tactics effectively.

Do you feel like you’ve been doubting yourself too much recently?

Does someone make you feel bad for something that was clearly their fault?

Do you have a codependent relationship with someone and feel completely at their mercy when you’re at odds?

Gaslighting is a far too common manipulation tactic, yet very few people understand the psyche behind this behavior. Recognizing the signs of emotionally manipulative behavior is vital to protect yourself from psychic vampires and emotional abusers. Manipulation tactics like gaslighting leave you unable to make sound decisions and have you doubting your self-worth.

In this book, you will:
Learn about the signs of gaslighting and how to identify them
Understand the psyche behind an emotional manipulator’s mind
Discover how your closest relationships can have toxic, gaslighting behavior without you knowing it
Learn how you can avoid gaslighting individuals and their tactics
Understand how to set boundaries to avoid toxic individuals
Learn how to recover from an abusive gaslighting relationship
Discover techniques to protect yourself from gaslighting

A proper guide for navigating a gaslighting relationship can be essential to living a joyful life.

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