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Peter Horrobin Books and Teaching

Peter Horrobin Books and Teaching


Healing Through Deliverance - The Foundation and Practice of Deliverance Ministry

In this ground-breaking book, Peter Horrobin lays out the Biblical basis for healing through deliverance; provides safe guidelines for ministry; helps the reader identify demonic entry points and teaches how we can be delivered and healed from demonic power. His prayer for the reader is that through this book their commitment to Christ will be deepened and that they will respond afresh to God’s call.

Price: CA$ 39.50
Forgiveness - God's Master Key

Forgiveness is key to the restoration of our relationship with God and to healing from the consequences of hurtful, damaging human relationships. From the Cross, Jesus prayed these dramatic words to God, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ Learning to pray this powerful prayer is the beginning of a lifetime’s adventure with God!

Price: CA$ 15.00
The Truth Stick
This is a truly enchanting story of Ratty, Mole and Badger and the adventures they have discovering the amazing secrets that lie hidden in Wild Winters Wood! Ratty’s question ‘What is truth?’ reveals the answers every child needs to know. Whether young or old, you will be delighted with this refreshing tale.

Price: CA$ 17.00