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Jack Hayford


Explaining Baptism with the Holy Spirit

In this book, Jack Hayford teaches what the Bible says about baptism with the Holy Spirit, explaining who the Holy Spirit is and what baptism means in a clear, concise way.  He then leads the reader in a prayer to ask for the baptism in the Holy Spirit and explains how we can help others receive this baptism. 

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Explaining the Trinity

The concept of the Trinity can be difficult to grasp and in this book the author simplifies and breaks it down. Looking at the plurality of God in the Old Testament, how this translates into the New Testament and explaining God’s desire for us to know Him in His entirety, Jack also adds questions for study so you can fully interact with the teaching.

Price: CA$ 12.00
Explaining Worship

Author: Jack Hayford
64 pages

In this book, Jack Hayford teaches what the Bible says about worship. He provides a rounded explanation, looking at the Scripture to examine who we worship and why. Hayford outlines why worship is so important for Christians and highlights a variety of different ways to worship God. This book encourages... (see details for more information)

Price: CA$ 12.00
Prayer is Invading the Impossible
Through prayer we learn that nothing is impossible with God--he is able to do beyond all that we can ask or think. Jack Hayford writes, Prayer can change anything. The impossible doesnt exist. His is the power. Ours is the prayer. Without Him we cannot. Without us He will not. Here is a practical how-to book that will encourage you to pray!
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The Key to Everything
There's a word that makes people want to run: "give." Our fears have taught us that to give anything is to be left with less. But the best things in life come from giving.
Price: CA$ 16.00