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Healing Through Deliverance - The Foundation and Practice of Deliverance Ministry

Healing Through Deliverance - The Foundation and Practice of Deliverance Ministry

Originally published as two separate volumes, this best selling book on the subject of deliverance ministry has now been combined, updated and revised and is available in hardback. Peter Horrobin has more than thirty years experience teaching about healing and ministering to those in need. In this comprehensive, practical and groundbreaking volume, he draws on this experience to set out a thorough scriptural foundation for the healing and deliverance ministry - an integral part of fulfilling the Great Commission and a vital key to discipleship. He lays out the biblical basis for healing through deliverance; provides safe guidelines and practical tools for building a healing and deliverance ministry; helps people identify possible demonic entry points; and teaches how we can become affected by demonic power and how we can be delivered and healed. In the final section of the book Peter turns his focus to the cleansing of land and buildings. This authoritative handbook will equip you to understand the ministry and respond to the call of God to set the captives free.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Richard Fila
    I've often struggled with reading and been especially put off by big books! But, as just an ordinary person with a heart to help people who are hurting, I found this book incredibly powerful and accessible. I really believe God can work through anyone and he is the one who placed the desire in my heart to be able to help people. This book has been a significant part of my equipping to pray for others in need and really clearly explained the frequent occurrences of deliverance in the gospels. I was shocked to realise just how much of the gospels talks about deliverance and how I had seen none of it in my church life at all! Peter does not subscribe to the hype and hysteria which so often surrounds what is known as deliverance ministry and explains why and how to do it in a safe and pure way which I believe is thoroughly close to God's heart. I thoroughly commend this book to you.
  • Author: Darren
    Peter's book is a great handbook to understanding the spiritual realm and for looking at specific issues that effect us. It gave me a real understanding and foundation to what has been traditionally a difficult area. I would recommend it for anyone seeking to get a clear grounding in healing, deliverance and foundational discipleship.
  • Author: Rachel Clyde
    A book no home should be without. Such powerful biblical teaching. Backed up by scripture in a way you cannot doubt.
  • Author: Josephine Hallam
    I have already purchased your book
    Healing Through Deliverance - The Foundation and Practice of Deliverance Ministry and I would like to thank you for the important information, confirming what we already use the correct techniques but would like a copy of the prayers
  • Author: free to be me
    An outstanding contribution to Christian thought and practice
    This book, and the application of its principles, has literally transformed my life! Jesus DOES heal, He DOES set people free, and CARES enough for us to have given His life so that we might have it to the full. Healing through Deliverance is important, biblical, simple and insightful. Peter Horrobin has contributed through this book in a significant way to the Church - I would recommend that you do not miss it! Reading this book might just help you as well to receive the freedom that God would want you to have!
  • Author: Unknown
    This book was not just useful to me and my family and even friends, but Vital!!! Long story short - First part teaches you to know what you have to deal with, and then second part - you learn how to apply! It is much to say, so you can ask me if you want more on why it was so important. It is not just a book, it is a tool! I strongly recommend it!
  • Author: Unknown
    Excellent foundational Truth on what is desperately needed today. I highly recommend for all Believers in Messiah Yeshua. Praise Adonai for his Wisdom.
  • Author: Emily
    Tremendous book.

    This is a must-read for every Christian, and indispensable for anyone on a ministry team or doing counselling/inner healing. Peter Horrobin carries with him not only 28 years experience of formal healing and deliverance ministry, and has set up over twenty global training centres, he is an excellent and very comprehensive teacher.

    No single summary of this book can do it justice. I filled half a notebook with quotes and notes from the teaching, and read about a quarter of it aloud to my husband at intervals. It opened up our eyes to areas in our own family histories where things may have crept in that were not of God's order or intention, and we were able to take authority over these things for our own sake and those of future generations.
  • Author: H. W. Reijnon
    A must for everyone in this ministry
    Peter Horrobin and the people who are working with him at Ellel ministries, have years of experience in healing and delivering people. This experience is expressed in a well balanced way in this book. The foundation part will learn you a lot about the way Jesus and His followers healed and delivered people. It will open your eyes to another way of reading the Gospels. The second part gives you a lot of tools and a deeper insight in ways people can be hurt, chained and in need of deliverance. But also how you can deliver them.
    This book is unique, because it learns you to see how healing and deliverance connects together and must always be ministered together.
  • Author: David
    As I read this book, I began to understand things about the spiritual world that I had never seen before. I understood how and why Jesus was able to give authority to His disciples to heal the sick and cast out demons, and how the fruits in our lives (such as sickness, disease or things that hold us back) can have spiritual roots. God was working powerfully in my life as I read the book, and has continued to since. In fact, I have been set free from an addiction that was troubling me for a long time and also been physically healed of an allergy that the doctors said could take 20 years just to find out what was causing it! Peter shares some incredible stories about some miraculous healing that God has done before his very eyes which is faith building. Apparently this book is the foundational teaching for Ellel Ministries and for their training schools such as NETS (The Luke Nine Eleven Training School) and so is being implemented in people's lives all over the world to great effect. If you have a passion, desire or burden for the sick, broken or hurting in this world - this book is definitely for you!

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