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Forgiveness - God's Master Key

Forgiveness - God's Master Key

Previously published as "The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth" but now re-formatted with a new second part containing testimonies of lives changed by the prayer of forgiveness. This book is one of the most outstanding and concise available on the subject of forgiveness. Forgiveness is key to the restoration of our relationship with God and to healing from the consequences of hurtful, damaging human relationships. From the Cross, Jesus prayed these dramatic words to God, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ Learning to pray this powerful prayer is the beginning of a lifetime’s adventure with God!

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Angela Kelly
    Every christian should read this one, simple yet profound. Life changing!
  • Author: Rachel Clyde
    Helped me in my time of need. Taught me the steps I needed to take to obtain peace.
  • Author: Alison Scarborough
    The battle for forgiveness is made so much more easy with this book. Simple, biblical, with lovely faith building examples to help us to graps deep truth.
  • Author: S. Nicholson
    I found this book on and the reviews were very good and I decided to buy this book just to see what it was like, and I decided to purchase this wonderful book and I was not disappointed.

    If I could give this incredible book 10 stars I would. I would recommend everybody who wants to try and forgive the person who hurt them. This book will change your life.

    I do not have any faults with this good book. And I don't have any bad things to say about this purchase. I am so pleased with this item.
  • Author: Harry Smith
    One of the best books on Forgiveness I had ever ready. I keep buying them and giving them to people - such key issues for so many people today. There is freedom available in these pages.
  • Author: Lynden
    As a counsellor I have read many books on the power of forgiveness to change lives but this one excelled. An easy read and would be life changing if the principles were applied. Would definitely recommend it to everyone to read if they are struggling with being able to forgive those who have hurt them!
  • Author: mumofbookworm
    A superb book by a truly anointed man. This book by one of Ellel Ministry's founders is profound, Biblical and eminently readable. Real life testimonies and Horrobin's relatable style make it interesting and personal. God's Word for today, in every sense.
  • Author: shep
    God’s Master Key is one of the most real and powerful books I've read on this subject of forgiveness. It is simply written and easy to use and understand. It gives you a practical insight into forgiveness. It can change lives.
  • Author: Bruce G
    I read this and went on a Healing retreat to Ellel Ministries as the book mentions in testimonies. Jesus restored the foundations of my being in him. The book in profoundly simple but also deep at the same time.
  • Author: Kay
    Thoughtfully written. I gave it to someone I care about, book-marking the last section which told true stories of ordinary people whose experienced sudden turn-arounds in serious health conditions. The only change was that they decided to forgive someone who had harmed them! This illustrates the reality of the mind/body connection and the truth that forgiving others gives ME the gift of freedom and health!
  • Author: Hattie
    The material is freedom to the spirit and soul on forgiveness, a command, not just a choice. A rich tool to those I will help to council.
  • Author: Gladys
    Everyone should read this book. You will learn a lot. It sure taught me a lot. Your way of living should be better after reading it. It is very helpful. Lives can be changed. I loved the book.
  • Author: Samuel Boakyeon

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