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Explaining Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Explaining Baptism with the Holy Spirit

In this book, Jack Hayford teaches what the Bible says about baptism with the Holy Spirit. Many Christians are unaware that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is available for all believers in Christ. The author explains how the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus Christ into our lives, enabling Christians to grow in their walk as a follower of Jesus. He explains who the Holy Spirit is and what baptism with the Holy Spirit means in a clear and Biblically grounded way. He then leads the reader in a prayer to ask for the baptism in the Holy Spirit and explains how we can help others receive this baptism. Each chapter ends with questions for study so you can fully interact with the teaching, which makes this book an excellent resource for personal or group study.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Larry D
    Clear and concise
    Probably the best teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit that I've ever read. A well-worded book that's both instructional and inspirational.
  • Author: Littlereader
    This book presents the filling of the Spirit from a charismatic point of view. I felt that it was simple and biblical. It does have a strong emphasis on the gift of tongues, not for salvation, but as a new means to worship God. I come from a cessationist background and wouldn‘t even know where to find someone to lay hands on me but - Mr. Hayford if you ever read this would you pray that I receive this baptism? I want to be useful to my God.
  • Author: Richard C
    Pastor Jack is one of the most capable Bible teachers alive. This book should be read by all non-Charismatic believers so they can understand the essential of Christian living and minisrty
  • Author: sacredwriter
    In my humble opinion -- and I am a born, raised and practising Pentecostal -- Dr. Jack Hayford is the most credible minister in this field. His insight into the Spirit Filled experience is so absolutely true and practical, that it takes my breath away. He clears up the confusion that has bugged the Charismatic and Pentecostal branches of the Full Gospel message and Church since Azuza Street over a century ago, and many Christians today still are in a tizzy about what IT means and when does IT happen, as well as the ins and outs of Speaking in Tongues. Anyone wanting the entire message of the New Testament to make complete and honest sense, Hayford's writings are the place to focus. I absolutely trust his discernment and insights in this area -- especially this book and the short page 95-107 segment of THE BEAUTY OF SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE, his masterpiece on Speaking in Tongues. If you aspire to being a Huios Christian, these two books are a must read.
  • Author: Amazon Customer
    Holy Spirit have your way
    Excellent read, just believe and the Holy Spirit will do a work in and through you. Great book, ask and you shall receive.

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